Our foray into the world of Marketing.

Pat Testing Marketing
Our first video

It is truly our first exploration into video construction, so please, do not judge too harshly.
Just feel free to laugh at our pitiful attempt and remain assured we shall keep persevering.


This is only our second blog, so it also very much in the experimental phase and probably wont get many if any views, but I can understand that.
It’s boring me!

You may find the odd image plastered in somewhere inappropriately, and vague text, but this is all part of the growth of experience and knowledge.
And it’s Sunday and there is bugger all else to do.

But all of that aside, we are accumulating all of the building blocks required to build our great big metaphorical mansion that will be our marketing and advertising strategy.

May need to work on the cement a little longer, and don’t even consider the features and fittings just yet.

Advertising and marketing.

A previous successful multi-million turnover company I worked for sent out a very wrong message.
They changed their marketing manager (he was the entire marketing department, to the best of my knowledge) into the IT department.
The IT was transformed for the better for all, there is no doubting that, but there was no longer a marketing department.
I took this on board and remembered it when I started Luna Testing Ltd nearly three years ago, and it was only after I had been stung by the advertising scams (you know the ones. The Children’s Charity and Emergency Services magazines that will only feature one company from each trade/service? Nonsense. Very expensive nonsense) that I decided to try free ads all over the net.
That worked for a while.

That was that.

I had fulfilled my marketing and advertising obligations and could now sit back and wait for the business to flood in, the phone ringing off the hook, the door broken down by the reams of potential customers. Right?


That didn’t happen and I was forced into the shady world of Social Media, networking and business meetings.

That is for the next instalmant of this utterly thrilling blog that shall remain unseen but for my eyes only.


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