Pat Testing in Southampton

My Junk Mail Life

As we are still new to this, we have posted the link for this blog as we don’t know how to do otherwise. Yet!
But we are still learning 🙂

Essentially a blog/story about the spam mail received in the business email inbox and how we lived a spam mail life for a week with interesting results.

A lighthearted story with a serious message.

The Roach Brooch- Daring to Wear Live Insect Jewellery

I actually came up with this idea as a joke and called it The Roach Brooch when my daughter was at school ( a good few years ago now)
We made it with cuttings of my hair and glitter from memory and she got a great mark for her project.
Seems funny to see it became real.

Fawn Review

“Art is all a matter of personal taste.”

It is one of the few things upon which most art commentators can agree- the right to disagree.

We all have innate values of ‘taste’. It is the direction in which the nuts and bolts and cogs of thought churn in your mind in the first ten seconds you stand in front of an artwork. Call it the gut instinct if you will, it may on occasion be illogical, but it is always deeply felt and organically conjured- can rarely be argued into changing.

With that in mind, brace yourself for a very sticky subject on the matter of taste- the wearing of live cockroaches as jewellery, a trend still in practice in part of the world to this day.

Of course, when any animals are involved in art, it is not merely artistic and aesthetic taste which is an issue but a…

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Our foray into the world of Marketing.

Pat testing. Is it sexy?